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Beautiful roses

Saw what at first glance seemed to be some very sad looking roses in the reduced ‘pot’ at Tescos.  Was about to rush on by, but then I looked a bit closer and saw that, yes a few of the outer petals are slightly browning, but overall they are still really beautiful.  So I bought them ….. a whole £1.75!  Popped them in a vase of sugary water …. and just look at them now …. absolutely beautiful!

beautiful roses

I’ve just used them as a meditation …. starting with really looking …. and seeing the vibrant pink, the delicate swirls, the beauty; then the smell …..  subtle, soft gorgeous perfume.  Uplifting, calming, joyful …. and all because I slowed down a bit and took the time to notice.

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Smelly yoga mat?

Has your yoga mat become a bit smelly …. go on be honest!!

It’s perfectly normal for your yoga mat to get a smelly after you’ve been using it for a while.

Now is a great time to wash the mat.  I pop mine in my washing machine … just scrunch it up and it fits in fine.  Even after the spin cycle it comes out very wet so a lovely sunny day like today is ideal to put it in the garden.

Here’s a pic of my mat in the sunshine … by this evening it’ll be dry and ready to use again …. smelling all fresh and clean!

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Yoga and balance

Why is balancing so hard????

Sometimes when I do my yoga practice I seem to find it really hard to balance  – asanas such as Warrior 3 or even a simple tree seem really challenging.

Of course it can be because I haven’t built a logical sequence of postures -preparing mind and body to balance.

Sometimes it’s an indication that I really haven’t stilled my mind effectively – and just standing in Tadasana and breathing for a while can make all the difference.

Othertimes it can be because I really haven’t taken the time to set the posture up properly – thinking through the alignment, working from base up and out … and keeping the breath calm and slow.

Or it may be wiggly toes – do you ever find it difficult to get your toes to obey your mind?  why do they scrunch up when you’re telling them to say stretched out and spaced out!!

I’ve also been reading about proprioception – knowing where abouts all the bits of your body are in relationto each other and the space around them and which muscles are working.  Think this is important too.  Body awareness.  Knowing how to turn muslces on and off to create optimum poise.

As we get older balance can get more challenging  and it’s really good to work at balance to avoid falls.  Yoga can really help in this respect – through helping a student gain body awareness, toning muscles and practicing balancing.

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I love yoga!

Yoga is ever changing yet ever constant.

Have just completed my practice for today – in my conservatory with a wonderful view out into the garden, with a very gently breeze from the open window.  Although I did a sequence with very simple asanas – Cat, Dog, Child, Tree for example, the environment made it feel as if I was experiencing everything for the first time again … really savouring the co-ordination of breath and movement, the flow, the changing emotions and mental states.  My pranayama before closing my session with a few minutes of calm quietness felt deep and calm.

I’m constantly reminded that there is so much more to explore through yoga ….finding my limits, exploring my boundaries, rediscovering and reconnecting … it’s always special.

the wonder of yoga

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