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lovely yoga day

Went to a lovely yoga session today … with Robin Lipsey.  As a teacher, it’s a real treat to go to a session run by another good teacher and just enjoy!!  It was exactly what I needed after a busy week ….. to re-charge the batteries and get rid of all the knots around my shoulders!  We even managed a short session outside on the grass ….. chilly on the toes at first, but wonderfully refreshing.

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thought ……

‘Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing’ – lovely quote from Lao Tzu.

How much time do we all waste being busy?  It’s been a beautiful day today … and who knows, maybe the last one of the summer! So why not spend it lounging in the sunshine? I’ve had a lovely relaxing afternoon ….. sort of reading a book, sort of chilling, just enjoying being … and it feels great!  Batteries re-charged, mind re-focused …. me re-energised.  Would have been such a shame to have been too busy to enjoy the day.

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