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on October 19, 2012

Have been re-exploring some yoga asanas I haven’t worked with for a long time …. some of the really simple ones that you almost forget to think about – and when you really focus your mind and re-explore they continue to give you more and more.

Majarasana – Cat pose … what wonderful asana this is …. really teaches alignment, core control and wonderful for loosening a tight back or shoulders.  Perform it slowly with focus on the breath and it becomes meditative too.  See how Yoga Journal describe it here :

Adho hukha Svanasana – Down Dog …. a fantastic stretch for the back and helps build upper body strength, plus stretches tight hamstrings and calves.  Again, work with the breath and hold for a while, keeping shoulders well away from the ears and feel the tension melt away.  Again see it in Yoga Journal

I just never get bored with yoga … constantly find new experiences.

How about  you?


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