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Being present

Lovely little article published today on yogajournal … well worth a read … takes just a few moments and may really make you think

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Lovely day of yoga

Have been to a lovely yoga day today with two fabulous teachers – Freddie Jones who teaches in Bucknell and Robin Lipsey who teaches in Wolvercote.

The day was held in Robin’s yoga studio – a wonderful old barn, and was a lovely way to spend a day.

Starting at 10.30 with some chanting, we worked through a good warm up before re-exploring well known asanas with a view to seeing or experiencing something new and setting intentions …. something I’ve blogged about before.  After lunch Robin took us through a variety of  again familiar but great to refresh asanas … and then a lovely relaxation session.

What a good way to spend a cold Saturday in January …. investing in wellbeing and being in the company of other yoga lovers!

Enjoying yoga

Enjoying yoga

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Beating the cold

In this cold weather we tend to huddle up ….. rounding shoulders, sagging spine etc.  Here’s some ideas for yoga students –  some yoga poses to help you ‘open up’ and loose the tightness that inevitably follows the huddling:

Some warm-ups first – gently swing arms  from side to side increasing the movement as you loosen up bit; shrug your shoulders a few times then circle them forwards and backwards.  Then some gentle lunges and knee circles.

Try Bridge pose – remembering to move slowly verterba by vertebra

Then some laying Twists

Follow with Cat and Down Dog

Then some Sun Salutations

That should leave you feeling envigorated and ready to face the world again!  Enjoy!

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from doing to being

This article gets it right …. the way to become more mindful …. in all aspects of life, not just during a yoga practice

When I set up my yoga classes several years ago, I though carefully about what to call my ‘business’ …. and I chose  yogabeing … not doing yoga but being yoga… because that’s when the connection to more than a physical practice happens … and when you really feel the richness of yoga.

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in the groove

I’ve had  wonderful 2 weeks off work over the Christmas period, and having more time has given me the opportunity to really explore my yoga practice.

I aim to do a practice every day, but whilst I’ve had more time, it’s been a longer practice.  I’ve re-discovered flowing sequences that I’d somehow forgotten, and how wonderful they feel … especially with deep connection to the breath.  With a longer practice I feel I’ve been able to engage much more deeply with my practice so that it’s been even more special than usual.

Yoga is such an important part of my life …. somehow it’s what makes me me and keeps me me.

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