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yoga and meditation

on September 15, 2013

As I’ve got older I’ve found my yoga practice has depended less on the  physical … I still very much enjoy asana … but also spend more time on pranayama and meditation.  I’m not at the point where I find it easy to find the silence …. stilling a chattering mind is always challenging!  But it is something I’m spending more time on.

Often I find focusing on the breath and then letting thoughts gradually fade away drops me into silence and stillness.  Sometimes starting with a mantra or thought or image works …… sometimes things just fall into place and as soon as I sit on my yoga mat I feel the stillness … but that’s still fairly rare for me.

But when you do find the silence, it is wonderful …  a real stillness, so alive yet so peaceful …. as soon as you become aware of course you’ve come back to conscious thought, but however short the ‘space away’ is it’s amazingly powerful.


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