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new yoga?

Just enjoyed a lovely yoga practice … chose an asana at random by opening a book and building my sequence around the asana  on that page ….happened to be  Utthita Parsvakonasana – extended side angle pose.

Started with quiet centering, then worked through a warm up phase based on Dru activation sequence … then a range of asanas to build up to my ‘chosen’ asana, and completed with a closing phase before a short meditation.

No matter I’ve done that asana many, many times before … there’s always something new to experience …. today I chose to focus on my breath and really feel the expansion through the extended side.  Felt really good.

Always my yoga practice shows me something new …. be mindful and always something new reveals itself.

Sometimes an asana seems more challenging, sometimes it becomes easier …. sometimes your focus is taken with something unexpected ….. which might form the platform for the meditation that time.

New yoga?  no, just yoga experienced from a different place …. always wonderful.

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