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Finding your yoga style

Yoga seems to have become fashionable and there are loads of different ‘names’ for different styles of yoga …. which can be really confusing.  So to help you find the yoga class that’s right for you, I’m going to run thru some of them:

Hatha yoga : generally used to describe the classic yoga class – where you’ll relax and centre at the beginning, work thru some postures (asanas), do some breath work (pranayama) and generally finish with some relaxation and possibly meditation.  Do look out for teachers using the word Hatha and then adding something else though …. hatha + ashtanga probably just means ashtanga  (see below).

Ashtanga yoga : a strong powerful almost athletic style of yoga …. great if you are fit and healthy but less suited to those looking for a gentle relaxing class.  Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Power yoga are generally taught at gyms.  Vinyasa is the term for the sequence of asanas in Ashtanga yoga.  Sun power yoga is also a strong, athletic style.

Kundalini yoga : usually a more spiritual form of yoga class incorporating chanting – but the style may vary significantly from one teacher to another

Iyengar yoga : a style of yoga using precision of alignment with lots of blocks/belts etc to assist

Dru yoga : a gentle form of yoga with soft flowing movement – similar to a Hatha class, but often utilising music

Anusara yoga : a variation of hatha yoga – more or less vigorous according to the teacher

Laughter yoga : in my view a marketing ploy …. you’ll find joy in any yoga class!

Most teachers will allow you to come along and try their class before you enrol for block or term of classes.  Read their website, get a feel for the values of the teacher.  Find a teacher who teaches to share their love of yoga, and a class that enables you to take what you need today … acknowledging that your needs may change as you move through your yoga journey

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