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new beginnings

on January 18, 2014

The start of a new year and a time when lots of new students come to yoga.  It’s a time I really enjoy as a teacher as you really see the changes in people as they find their way with their yoga.

The first class is very much about letting students get to know me and my style of teaching.  I teach a gentle style of yoga, and give lots of attention to breath and alignment …. some people find the class to ‘slow’ for them … they want more of an exercise class …..others say wow …. I’ve found muscles I never knew I had and can feel my body working.

Some find the peace they crave, others find themselves able to switch off for the first time in months, others find being with themselves difficult ….  emotions they thought had been buried surface. But yoga can be such a tremendous healer.

I often talk about mindfulness … being in the moment …. practicing with full attention on the feel, the sensation, the very sense of being so alive, yet often so calm.  Some find it difficult to ‘give themselves permission’ to just enjoy their yoga …. rather than worrying about what might be or what needs to be done.  Others just ‘get it’ and really love the restoration that a class can give.

For me when I practice or teach yoga, that’s when I really feel I’ve found me … it’s like coming home … a profound sense of wellness.


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