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Yoga as Therapy

on October 12, 2014

Have just completed a course about yoga as a therapy.  I’ve often read magazine articles about how various people have used yoga to help with all sorts of physical, mental and emotional issues, so had decided to sign up to a training programme to find out more.

I’ve been teaching for about 8 years and have constantly updated and increased my knowledge through attending different courses and thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Through a mix of listening, discussing and practice, I feel I learnt a huge amount ….. and have learnt new skills to take into both my general teaching and specialised work, plus have new skills to use for myself.

Even reading through the glossy magazine that came with the Sunday Times today I noticed two references to the benefits of yoga – one saying that everyone over 50 seems to benefit (yes, agree with this!) and another crediting yoga with reducing anxiety (and yes, agreee with this one too!)

Seems such a shame when yoga is reduced to just a physical work out – as is the case in so many gyms, when it can be so wonderful and has so much to offer.


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