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Thinking about starting yoga?

What a great idea … yoga is fab!

But there are so many different types of yoga … so how do you find the class and teacher that are right for you?

Let’s start with some basics ……

How well trained is the teacher?  As an absolute minimum you are looking for someone who has completed a 200 hour course with a reputable yoga teacher training school.  This is really an entry level yoga teacher training qualification … many good teachers will have completed a 500 hour course and undertaken additional training since qualifying.  How do you know what training the teacher has done?  Check out their website and ask them.   Find out what teaching experience they have too … are they still in training, newly qualified or do they have years of experience.  The British Wheel of Yoga, a very well established training provider, lists qualified teachers on their website.

What style of yoga do you want?  Something energetic and physical? … then look for an Ashtanga or Vinyasa style of class – as often taught in gyms and fitness centres.  Looking for something gentler and more accessible – particularly if you are older, have an injury or want something to complement other activities – then look for gentle hatha yoga (though beware if it is at a studio or gym, it may still be a fast paced and challenging class).  Again, check out the teachers’ website and look for words such as ‘gentle’ or ‘holistic’ and again, talk to the teacher and ask them to describe their teaching style.

What to wear?  Something loose and comfortable.  Layers are good so you can add/take off as you wish.  Yoga is generally done barefoot, though socks are fine for when you are in the relaxation session at the end of the class.  There is certainly no need to spend out on expensive fitness gear!

Most important is finding a teacher you feel you can trust completely, someone you feel comfortable with…. and discovering this can start at the initial contact – does the website ‘feel’ like what you are looking for?  Are there positive reviews on Google or Facebook?  How does the teacher respond when you try to find out about the class?  Are you made to feel welcome on arrival?

Good luck …. and if you are looking for a yoga teacher in Bicester … try yogabeing!

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