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Real Yoga

Having read about Freestyle yoga  but never having tried it, I booked in to a class this week to experience it.   The tutor was friendly and spoke to newcomers to check any health issues.  She gave clear instructions throughout the class.

The class was at a gym and we were crammed in like sardines – impossible to stretch your arms out without banging into the person next to you …constantly had to move up and down mat to avoid being bashed.

The whole class was postures  – I won’t call them asanas as they were not referred to by the usual English or Sanskrit name – they were simply stretches and movements.  Yes they were well put together, formed logical sequences with counterposes.  But was this really yoga?

To me, definitely not … it was simply an exercise class.  It completely lacked any sense of spirituality.  I came away feeling really sad that this exercise class could be called yoga – where was the essence of yoga – the union of mind, body and spirit.  Just one of the classic 8 limbs of yoga featured.

With the lack of regulation around yoga teacher training at present, almost anything can be called yoga, and here is a prime example.

Let’s hope that professional standards come into play soon so that yoga means yoga – yes of course we need the richness of different styles, but let’s keep the spirituality that is the heart of yoga

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