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Yoga for health

on August 5, 2017

‘Study finds yoga injuries are on the increase’  – I was interested to read this headline on a blog post recently. And not entirely surprised either.

Increasingly we are seeing classes taught by teachers who have done the minimum amount of training, often via an intensive course that gives no time for reflection and assimilation.  Plus yoga seems increasingly to be promoted as a keep fit style exercise, encouraging people to perform attempt pretty extreme postures.

How different this is from the type of training I did – a 500 hour course is now a rarity.  How can you learn how to teach something as complex and multi-faceted as yoga in a course that may last little more than a weekend (Fitness Yoga).  Can you really absorb the classic texts and make them a part of yourself in a month (Intensive courses).  And can you get by with the minimum of anatomy and physiology?

I remember writing about how dis-spiriting a Fitness Yoga class had been – how I had missed the spirituality.  And also writing about how the image of yoga seems to have become young and fit.

And this article seems to show the damage the yoga community is doing by moving so far from its’ roots.


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