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Living your values

What interesting information is coming to light with the leaking of the ‘Paradise Papers’ revealing how individuals and corporations, sometimes aided by so-called public servants, seem to do their best to minimise their contribution to society by way of seeking to avoid paying their taxes.

Those same individuals and organisations may have invested a lot of effort and money in creating an image – now completely shattered by this unsavoury behaviour.

It has made me reflect on the importance of living your values – being true to your beliefs in all walks of your life.  In yoga we have the Yamas and Niyamas – our codes of  behaviour and following these sets us on the right path.

The five yamas ask practitioners to avoid violence, lying, stealing, wasting energy, and possessiveness, while the five niyamas ask us to embrace cleanliness and contentment, to purify ourselves,  to continually study and observe our habits, and to surrender to something greater than ourselves (taken from yogajournal).

Somehow just a very simple ‘be kind’ is enough – test your thought, words, actions against this – is the thought kind (to myself and others) etc.   If the individuals and organisations identified in the Paradise Papers lived by this simple mantra, things would be very different.

So let’s all think hard about how we can be a force for good by making changes in our life to embrace the ‘be kind’ .


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