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Being kind to our world

I’ve been deeply affected by watching Blue Planet which graphically demonstrates the awful effect our modern lifestyles are having on our planet.

It’s made me reflect on the commitment that I feel I have made as a yogini to the Yamas and Niyamas – the codes of ethical living.  Can I be practicing non violence (Ahimsa) if I buy things that cause suffering to others?  Am I actually stealing (Asteya)  if through my activities or purchases I am using a perhaps unfair share of the planets resources?  Am I being truthful (Satya) to my yogic beliefs if I make these lifestyle choices?  Or could I be more contented (Santosha) with less?

I’ve been vegetarian for over 40 years and am increasingly adopting a vegan diet, using locally sourced products.   I choose skincare and makeup that’s free from toxic chemicals and is cruelty free. I’m trying to use my car less an cycle, walk or use public transport more.  I use eco friendly and cruelty free cleaning materials.  The next challenges I have given myself  are using less plastic and  reducing my purchase of synthetic clothing – I was not aware until I read a post on social media that the fibres from synthetic clothing can get into the sea and harm marine life.

Any suggestions for more?


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