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I love my gongs!

on January 13, 2018

I’m all set up ready to share a lovely Gong Bath …… instruments have been blessed (I always like to do that), the fairy lights are twinkling, everyone is snuggled up in their blankets.  I talk everyone down into a relaxation and am then ready to start playing.

Usually it’s the Tibetan Bowls that call me to them first ….. a wonderful mix of gentle tones that soothe everyone into a state of readiness to receive.  Then perhaps some clear Crystal Bowl sounds …… but not too loud …. I find the very intense, almost shriek that some players use quite aggressive … so I keep it powerful but gentle.  And now the Gong … as I pick up my mallet and consider which gong and what to do … I feel a wave of calm flowing through me … and then the sound just seems to come with the gongs responding  both to me and the energies in the room as a whole.  The sounds build and fade, build and fade as wave after wave of sound vibration flows through the room easing out the tensions, physical, mental and emotional.   After a short silence, the Koshi Chimes dance their wonderful tinkling notes and then perhaps it’s a rain drum or rain stick to start to bring everyone back from wherever they may have journeyed to.

But before coming to completely, there is silence for several minutes, deep peace to allow healing to take place on whatever level that might be.  Then I gently bring people back into the room encouraging a slow, gentle awakening.

Of course the order is not always the same, the instruments not always the same … but the experience always seems truly magical …people tell me they’ve journeyed they know not where, they’ve seen lights and images felt the sound vibrations deep within.  Some are a bit discombobulated, some floating in a peaceful oasis of calm, others have felt the tensions flowing out.

I feel privileged so share the experience of sound … it’s a truly magical journey.


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