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Customer Experience

on May 1, 2018

Today I had a lovely browse in the local garden centre … which like many is now more a department store.  During my browsing I saw a lovely blouse that I decided to buy ….. but after queuing at the nearest till, I was told “you can’t pay for that here” ….. I was to go to a different till point at the opposite end of the of the garden centre.  I didn’t bother … so that impulse buy didn’t happen.  The store missed out on a sale and I’m telling lots of other people about my poor experience.

Which has made me reflect on how I can give a great service to my yoga customers.

I try to make my website informative and up to date with answers to the most common questions and show various ways to contact me in the event of queries.  On arrival, I aim to welcome each person individually and talk to several different people at each class.  I aim to have a clear pricing policy that I apply consistently.  During the class I aim to give guidance to help everyone enjoy their class, to understand what they are aiming to do and why, giving alternatives they may wish to try, and helping if they appear to need help.  I aim to create a friendly, welcoming, relaxing environment where egos are left at the door, so that all can enjoy their practice.  I aim to offer variety but not too much complexity.  Every now and then I offer a free session for regular customers as a thank you.

Invetitably, occasionally someone will come to a class once …and not return.  I encourage people to give me feedback so that if my teaching style isn’t what they are seeking I can suggest alternatives.

What else could I do to help you enjoy your yoga even more?


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