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Yoga in the Garden

At this time of year, it’s really lovely to take your yoga practice out into the garden.

When I practice outside, I can feel the breeze on my skin, hear the birds, smell the flowers – it really gets you in touch with nature.  In my classes I often talk about feeling a connection to the earth – practicing outside you really can.

I notice my balance is sometimes more challenged by a slightly uneven surface – compelling me to really focus and ground through my feet.

There’s a wonderful sense of freedom with the wide open space around me – yet I can still be in the quiet place within me – in fact it seems easier to be truly present in the practice.

If your garden is overlooked, the neighbours will soon get used to you and not really take any notice.  And why do we assume anyone is looking at us anyway.

So have fun, experiment with taking your practice outside when you can …. it’s an amazing experience.anton-darius-sollers-424266

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