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Enjoy yoga outside

There’s something very special about enjoying a yoga practice outside.

You are more in contact with nature – with the feel of the ground beneath your feet, the breeze on your skin, the clouds above you, the warmth of the sun, sounds of birds etc. Yes there may also be the sounds of people or traffic, but once you are really in your practice, these sounds tend to fade into the background.

Your balance is challenged more when the ground is a bit uneven and the feedback you receive helps you bring a Beginners Mind to your practice.

I love Sun Salutations, or the slower Earth sequence, Tree balance … they all become magically different when enjoyed outside.  Just sitting with the breath becomes new again.

Try it …. in your garden, in the park, in the countryside … just enjoy the lovely summer!

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love your yoga mat

Totally daft but very watchable video from american hotel ….. go on watch  and enjoy!

love your yoga mat

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Beating the cold

In this cold weather we tend to huddle up ….. rounding shoulders, sagging spine etc.  Here’s some ideas for yoga students –  some yoga poses to help you ‘open up’ and loose the tightness that inevitably follows the huddling:

Some warm-ups first – gently swing arms  from side to side increasing the movement as you loosen up bit; shrug your shoulders a few times then circle them forwards and backwards.  Then some gentle lunges and knee circles.

Try Bridge pose – remembering to move slowly verterba by vertebra

Then some laying Twists

Follow with Cat and Down Dog

Then some Sun Salutations

That should leave you feeling envigorated and ready to face the world again!  Enjoy!

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Yoga in the news

Did you know some of the Royal family practice yoga????? Neither did I till I read this!

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yoga for the little ones

Had a very different experience today … doing a little spot of yoga with some Brownies to help them get their Calm Reflection badge.  They loved being Cats, Dogs, Trees, Archers and Warriors ….. but wow did they strugle with Corpse pose ….. most of the group seemed to find it impossible to be still!  I’d forgotten how noisy a group of little ones can be too ….. but a great experience!

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Yoga for Wine Lovers

Here’s something to brighten you day ….a little clip from YouTube


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