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What is Yoga?

Increasingly yoga is seen as exercise.  Many of the posts you see on Facebook, blogs, websites etc focus on the physical side of yoga with often physically challenging postures being performed with a competitive edge

To me this is not at all what yoga is about.

On my website I have a quote from the Yoga Bible by Christina Brown: “Yoga is learning to come back to yourself.  It’s finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and being able to relax into who you truly are.   It’s about taking time to remember who you are but have forgotten while being caught up in the whirlwind of a fast-paced life.”

This highlights that yoga is not all about the physical postures – it’s about finding yourself, a sense of contentment, coming back to the centre of yourself, away from the scattered, fragmented way we tend to lead our lives.

Yoga is also about finding balance – yes we practice physical balances, but also seek to gain a sense of equilibrium in life as a whole – a greater senses of harmony, like all the pieces have been put back together again.

As you learn to centre in a pose (I often talk about finding the inner silence) you start to find a greater sense of focus which can help in other aspects of life.

So yoga is much more about a state of mind which influences the choices we make in our lives as a whole.

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Feeling Blessed

I am so lucky …… I’m beginning to live the life of my dreams!

Having trained as a yoga teacher almost 10 years ago, I have been teaching part-time for a long while ….. but about five years ago decided I wanted to spend more time teaching as I love it so much.

It’s taken time, gradually building classes over the five year period … and there have been some scary moments when I’ve had doubts … but I am so, so glad I’ve stuck with it.  There’s still a long way to go, and the marketplace is ever more competitive, which simply means I need to get better and better and keep thinking of ways to thank the lovely students that choose to come to my classes, courses and workshops.

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Yoga at an airport???

What a fantastic idea …. a room for yoga practice at an airport …. wonder if any airport in the UK will follow suit.

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yoga better than walking in beating anxiety and depression

Interesting article published looking at the positive impact of exercise on anxiety and depression …. and yoga was found to be more beneficial than walking.

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Yoga Saturday 28 April

If you love your weekly class but would like to do a longer yoga session, then a Saturday workshop can be a great idea.

Elaine Whittaker of yogabeing is teaching with Robin Lipsey on Saturday 28 April on a day themed as Yoga and the Art of Making Space.  Give it s a try …. see more at

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spaces available in Thursday yoga class

I have a couple of spaces available in my Thursday yoga class – 18.00.  Do let me know if you’d like to come along.  I teach a gentle style of yoga to help you stretch, tone and relax … great for de-stressing after a busy day!

See for more info

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Oxford Yoga Event

Come to the Oxford Yoga Gather for a lovely day of yoga with the opportunity to work with lots of different teachers – see the BWY South website for details :

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5 Things Yoga Has Taught Me About Money

Lovely thought from Yoga Journal

5 Things Yoga Has Taught Me About Money.

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Sun Salutations

Found this lovely article about someone’s rediscovery of their love of yoga which I thought you might enjoy too


There are so many variations on the sequence … here’s one :


The chart above is from from



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yoga at my age??

How old should you be to enjoy yoga???

Is it something for the older generation?

this old?






Or something for the young?

this young?







Or can everyone enjoy a class?

I certainly notice I enjoy a different style of yoga now that I’m the wrong side of 40!  In my 20’s I favoured the high energy styles … now I  prefer something a little less energetic.   That’s not to say I don’t want to be challenged, just that I don’t need the same things now.

So what to look for?  Well, if you want a high energy style of class – look for Ashtanga or Power yoga.  If you’d prefer something calmer then Hatha or Iyengar might suit you better.    Try to talk to the tutor before joining the class … make sure you’re going to feel comfortable with their style of teaching.




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